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The aim of this site is to provide interesting, intuitive and reflective reading for you. We hope you visit it regularly.

Spirituality transcends choices. In essence, in the site I share some reflections aiming to inspire people towards their best, as human and spiritual beings.

I sincerely believe that there are no theories in spirituality. There is life, expression and manifestation. In the site I just share some fragrances of it.

The power of prayer and meditation exists and in some form, I believe that it creates links of hope and faith across the planet. It brings light and inspires a better world. I think that it is a crime to attack anyone’s faith. There is nothing worse in this world than the loss of hope. In some way, faith strengthens hope. Nobody should destroy the beliefs of others just because they do not share those beliefs.

Well, the site intuicao.com shares food for thought regularly, bringing reflections and interesting thoughts in Portuguese, if you want reflexions in English, please, access the site Listening to the Stars.