Ferhelin english

The book  Ferhélin, A Journey of Encounters has been written based on a rich intuitive process, spiced with the special love for physics combined with an analytical view. The result is a unique way of combining both worlds – the eastern and the western ways of thinking.
Ferhélin, A Journey of Encounters , set in the Canadian Rockies, has a worldwide human, existential and mystic approach.
This book approaches attractive subjects, in a light way, going through philosophy, physics, metaphysics and spirituality. 

It narrates the transition among the objective and subjective dimensions of the day to day life. Revealing the “magic” of the encounters among Ferhelin, a 29-year-old woman and some special people she meets along the way.

The book will attract the readers interested in wisdom, knowledge, personal growth, spirituality, philosophy and fiction.

A good surprise for those looking for new ways of approaching spirituality. This is what Ferhélin, A Journey of Encounters provides to the readers, bringing a marriage of fiction and spirituality in a very interesting way.

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